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Black River Safari

One hundred species of birds, three types of Mangroves, Royal Palms and Thatch Palms are just of the few things that can be experienced on the J. Charles Swab’s Black River Safari. The slow trek on motor boat through Black Rivers lower morass is an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. The ride is a half hour and the opportunity to see the endangered American Crocodile is highly probably, as it never misses the opportunity for a photo op. It is estimated that around 300 crocodiles live in the swamp and most of the Tour guides who has been working this river for years, tend to know exactly where they hiding out.

The dark waters, caused by the presence of peat is where black river got is name and the Spanish used to call it Rio Cabana, translated to The Mahogany River, which was thought to be named before the dark appearance of the water. Ensure that you enquire from your boatsman whether or not his boat can fit under the bridge, this will give you an opportunity to explore more of the 33 miles of river.

Black River town is a slice of Jamaican history with old Victorian Architecture which has preserved the town as a Protected National Heritage District since 1999. The lavish buildings were come about due to the boom in logwood and the ability to reap the benefits from that era, unfortunately most persons visiting the town are unaware of the rich history and story behind the town and head straight to the River and Great Morass

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