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Blue Hole

Getting to this location is not the easiest tasks to under take and as such it adds to the exclusivity of this location. Nestled in the hills of Ocho Rios The Blue hole is one of the many untapped natural attractions Jamaica has to offer.

Located in the cool hills outside the hustle and bustle of busy Ocho Rios is the Blue Hole…Its misty blue waters are deep and welcoming, if you are adventurous swing on a rope and dive off into the cool blue water or dive from its 20 feet cliffs.

Getting there will have you well known by locals as you stop frequently to get reassuring directions to the lovely cool Blue spot and at times you may wonder if you have ventured too far and this ares really doesn’t exist. However when you arrive you will notice long ropes are fashioned so the dear devils can swing like Tarzan and dive into the deep dark blue water without risk of injury.

The spot is usually crowded by midday and the entertainment of the acrobatic locals makes for memorable photo and video opportunity.

Originally known as the “Secret Falls” and rightfully so as you will discover during the tour of the Irie Blue Hole and falls comfortably located in the country side of Ocho Rios.

Due to the landscaping composition and its water depth it becomes the ideal location for novice or professional swimmers, divers and thrill seekers alike.

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