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Eman’s Tours Jamaica – Blue lagoon Falmouth – Glistening Waters


This is quite an impressive sight to see, The Glistening Waters adventure where the fresh water from the Martha Brae River meets the salty Caribbean Sea illuminates to a glorious appears. Due to the high phosphorous content and the consistent climate this is one of four locations in the world to have such an appearance, but Jamaica has the brightest one ever. The other 3 locations are Indonesia, Bahamas and Puerto Rico

The Glistening Waters is off the High way on the outskirts of Falmouth and the top of the line restaurant and bar facilitates will satisfy your need for hunger and your need for adventure at the same time. Make reservations for dinner around 6pm and by the time you are through with dinner you can be tantalised visually buy the boat ride into the waters that will have you speechless and the beauty you will behold.

The glow in the water is formed from small micro-organisms that emit a flash of light when touched. The microscopic organisms live and create a natural phenomenon, known as bioluminescence. Take along your camera and videos and you will not need a flash, just throw your legs over your canopy or boat and gently splash away in the water and see the area illuminate a beautiful blue green hue before your eyes. If you decide to swim, in the only 3-4 feet water, brace yourself to see the same effect on your skin and swimwear. Don’t be timid life vests are provided for those who require.

The best time to visit Glistening Waters is of course at nights. Try to avoid going on a rainy day or on a full moon as this will dampen the effects of the glow and your experience. Insect repellant, a change of clothes, towel, camera and an empty bottle of course a packing list.

The cost for the boat ride is $25US with includes a fruit punch at the bar. Locals can of course partake for only $1000 JA with a show of their local ID The ride lasts about 45 minutes.

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