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Tours of Jamaica

Negril Day Trip (Private)

Leave us a review on Tripadvisor This private excursion will take you to the Negril 7-mile White Sand Beach, shopping and then to Rick’s Cafe. On this excursion you can explore your specific interests and indulge in fun activities. You will have a guided sightseeing tour, picturesque stops and get all the exciting facts on your path to Negril. Relax and enjoy paradise. After booking this tour, you will enjoy the leisure of Negril like never before. After discussing you ideas for the day and drafting your itinerary, off you go into the welcoming sunshine. ...

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Eman’s Day Trips and Tours

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Good Hope Great House and Attractions

Good Hope Great House

Virtually untouched for over two hundred years, this great house sits on approximately two thousand acres of land. The property has a great house and support buildings along with all the amenities which would have supported a sugar plantation with almost two thousand five hundred slaves. This echoes great wealth and all the most modern and sophisticated fixtures and amenities of the time are present. The view is picturesque, for a quiet evening dinner or just a quiet stroll amidst the masterfully crafted buildings or the gardens on the well maintained grounds. A guided tour ...

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Eman’s Tours Jamaica – Blue lagoon Falmouth – Glistening Waters


  This is quite an impressive sight to see, The Glistening Waters adventure where the fresh water from the Martha Brae River meets the salty Caribbean Sea illuminates to a glorious appears. Due to the high phosphorous content and the consistent climate this is one of four locations in the world to have such an appearance, but Jamaica has the brightest one ever. The other 3 locations are Indonesia, Bahamas and Puerto Rico The Glistening Waters is off the High way on the outskirts of Falmouth and the top of the line restaurant and bar ...

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Bob Marley House Tour St Ann’s


Considered to be the “Graceland of Reggae” Bob Marley’s home in the Mountains of St Ann, Jamaica is a pilgrimage for the avid and loyal Marley and reggae follower. This house where he made many hits was the same house he grew up in as a child and spoke about in many interviews over his short life; he spoke fondly of his mother and his many escapades on the property. Getting to the property allows you the opportunity to furnish your eyes with breath taking scenery along Jamaica’s tranquil country roads. Over 500 species of ...

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Green Grotto Caves


Protein waters, Rich vegetation the mystery and history of the Green hued cave is one of the most popular and visited attractions in Jamaica, Green Grotto caves hold such mystery in its caverns and many a locals has been there to experience the richness it has to offer. The cover charge for this attraction is only between $10US and $20US and is open daily until 4pm. Located on the outskirts of Discovery Bay,St. Ann. Green Grotto Caves offer solid seating areas, a snack counter, a guide that is knowledgable about the history and the intricacies ...

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Trelawny Safari


Most persons would be familiar with the James Bond Movie “Live and Let Die” that to this day has not ended its production. The founder of the now Swamp Safari Ross Kananga was said to be the brain behind the infamous crocodile jumping seen that James Bond performed in the movie. There is even a little area designated last James Bonds Island at this attraction, which possess as the opportunity to be a part of legendary history. It is a must to hang on to the sign and pretend to be eaten by the fake ...

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Calypso White River Rafting


If you have 45 minutes to spare with your significant other, you can create new memories in a scenic place, Calypso White River Rafting in East Ocho Rios is very much that place. Set on a tranquil river path, the tour opens at 9am and continues throughout the day until 5pm. Your guide will take you on a scenic tour of Jamaica’s beautiful natural flora and fauna the perfect setting to pop the question or reminisce and solidify your resolve in your relationship. The slow tranquil glide down the river is one of the finest ...

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Port Royal


Once you are in the mode for rich history, Port Royal, once known as The Wickedest City in Christendom, is the place to experience that. Located at the end of Palisades in the Kingston Harbour, which is the seventh largest natural Harbour in the world. Rich with ghost stories form the earthquake that took the lives of the Buccaneers and others that lived there in 1692. Back in the 1600’s the English Government tolerated the presence of the Pirates as long as they were pillaging foreign ships, this of course made Port Royal one of ...

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Blue Mountain


Imagine the scenery of not being able to see your hands before your face, a sharp intake of air still leaves you breathless, your tour guide shouts out in the dark for you to keep to your left as you and the others cling to the mountain walls in single file. Ten minutes before you start walking you were freezing and now your burning up to the point that you strip down to you thin shirt, no hat or jacket, this is just a few things that you will experience on the 7,402 feet Blue ...

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