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Dunn’s River Falls

The famous Dunn’s River falls is located near Ocho Rios (Ochi) and is one of Jamaica’s main tourist attractions. You do not book a Jamaican tour without visiting this 180 feet (55 m) high and 600 feet (180m) long waterfall. Geologist describes Dunn’s River as “a living phenomenon”. The spring water is rich in calcium carbonate and travertine (a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs).

Because of the gradient of the falls, its attraction is the climbing of the waterfalls which takes 60-90 minutes. If you are afraid to get wet, then there are stairs than runs alongside the falls that allows you to walk the length of the falls without having to go into the water. The park provides guides that will take you the length of the falls. This is usually done by forming a human chain by holding hangs which makes it easier to climb the steps of this beautiful landscape. The falls is surrounded by green egetation which helps to keep those taking the tour cool.

How far is Dunn’s River Falls from Montego Bay?

Dunn’s River Falls is 1h 30 min drive from Montego Bay (Mo-Bay) along the north coast of Jamaica.

Montegobay to Dunns River

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