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Good Hope Great House and Attractions

Virtually untouched for over two hundred years, this great house sits on approximately two thousand acres of land. The property has a great house and support buildings along with all the amenities which would have supported a sugar plantation with almost two thousand five hundred slaves. This echoes great wealth and all the most modern and sophisticated fixtures and amenities of the time are present.

The view is picturesque, for a quiet evening dinner or just a quiet stroll amidst the masterfully crafted buildings or the gardens on the well maintained grounds. A guided tour takes you way back to a time when wealth meant living like movie stars of modern times. Incidentally this great house was originally built for the young wife of Col.Thomas Williams, Elizabeth; true romance. The property was sold upon her death, to John Tharp; a young wealthy plantation owner who upgraded the property to its present state. Good Hope boasted its own school, hospital, church and other supporting institutions which made it a small community all to its self.

The Georgian style architecture has been preserved to this very day by all subsequent owners, apparently so we too can enjoy “the good life”. The great house had once the first hot water baths in the Caribbean as Falmouth incidentally had running water long before New York City.

Only a view of the rolling mountainside looking across the valley from lofty perch of the balconies of the great house, can one truly appreciate the serenity Jamaica boasts. This plantation now provides its patrons with the choice of Horses Back Ride, Horse Drawn Buggies, Dune Buggies, River Tubing and Zipline tours through the property to its one of kind resident artisans. This is a truly a one of a kind experience.

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