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Green Grotto Caves

Protein waters, Rich vegetation the mystery and history of the Green hued cave is one of the most popular and visited attractions in Jamaica, Green Grotto caves hold such mystery in its caverns and many a locals has been there to experience the richness it has to offer. The cover charge for this attraction is only between $10US and $20US and is open daily until 4pm.

Located on the outskirts of Discovery Bay,St. Ann. Green Grotto Caves offer solid seating areas, a snack counter, a guide that is knowledgable about the history and the intricacies of the caves and of course a trained and certified First Aid attendant to assist with any minor concerns.

The central feature of this natural attraction is the large labyrinthine limestone cave with its endless rock formations, its stalactites, stalagmites and an array of overhead ceiling attractions.

This is home to approximately 20 species of bats including the Jamaica’s Fruit Eating and Moustache Bat. Just like Swamp Safari in Falmouth Trelawny, these caves were also featured in James Bonds, Live and Let Die, as it was used in the movie for a villains hide out.

Even the drive from Ocho Rios to the Green Grotto Caves is a sight to behold and there are other attractions in between, The Wishing Well and Good Hope Beach is a must see on your journey and even having a succulent jerk chicken quarter with roasted breadfruit or festival across the street from Green Grotto is something that needs to be added to the day.

Essential to know is that persons visiting this attraction must be ambulatory, if in a wheelchair it must be collapsible, it’s not recommended that pregnant women and persons with spine related injuries take this tour. Insect repellant is a must and leave your personal items in a secure location and not on your person.

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