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Lovers Leap Jamaica

In the 18th century two Slave lovers, Mizzy and Tunkey from neighbouring plantations leapt some 1,700 feet to their deaths rebelling against their Slave master Charley, who wanted Mizzy for himself and had arranged for Tunkey to be sold off to another estate. They first attempted to flee but were later caught and separated. Escaping their capture both lovers held hands and jumped from the cliff to their demise. This story was the inspiration for Jamaican author Horane Smith’s Novel “Lovers Leap”

Lover’s Leap is nestled in north Santa Cruz, East of Treasure Beach and is opened from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. One of the most wonderful experiences is the cool air that affects the senses,and give you a relaxing feeling.

After getting to Lovers leap you have the chance to have lunch, you can buy from the restaurant on top the hill or take your own special delicatessen from home, spend the day taking the tour and hiking down to the spot where the Lovers leapt to their demise. The restart of course takes their theme from the lovers story as it is adorned with heart shape motifs at times they even may share you a heart shaped portion of rice. Other attractions on the site is the most resent construction of the Lovers’ Leap Lighthouse which is powered by electricity, battery and a generator. Relics from the past, includes a range of domestic instruments on display outside the restaurant to give visitors of the tour a synopsis of Jamaican life back in the day and of course the Trail that leads to Cutlass Bay, note the rough waters at the bottom makes swimming impossible.

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