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Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures

One of the newest attractions that Ocho Rios Jamaica has today is Mystic Mountain RainForrest Adventures. The story behind Mystic mountain surrounds a traveller Joaquin von der Goltz, who wanted to establish an attraction in some of the most beautiful rainforests in the world without cutting down a single tree.He built Rainforest attractions with wild and thrilling rides all over the world ;now he wanted to create such a treat in Jamaica. Some of the rides include, The Humming Bird Garden designed for nature lovers as they get to see the Jamaican Humming Bird in its own natural habitat, similarly the Butterfly Attractions is designed to attract butterflies so they can be safely observed.

Other attractions included Mystic Lookout Tower, Mystic Waterslide & Infinity Edge Pool

and the Bobsled Ride, which is one of the more popular rides in Jamaica on a whole, its a high-tech custom design sled that will ZIP down a 1000 meter track built in the side of the mountain. The thrill of this ride is to be propelled down the track by gravity and trying to take the opportunity to bask in the beauty of the mountain side.

Another ride, Sky Explorer, is essentially a chair lift that is located mostly at the entrance of the park and takes you soaring about 700 feet above the Rainforest, this height will also give you the opportunity to see the wonderful views that Ocho Rios has to stimulate you visually.

The Canopy Zip Line offers you the thrill of zipping along in a safety gear, touching down on seven (7) platforms, six (6) Zip lines averaging nearly 100 meters in length, a 10-meter vertical rappel descent and a 25-meter suspension walking bridge. This is the ultimate experience of excitement and nature.

At the end of the day take a drink and head to the Mystic Pavilion ,where one can enjoy the panorama.

They are many different packages to choose from, they begin for as low as $43.00 U.S. and goes up depending on what you have added on and whether you will include the Dunn’s River Falls Tour, which is located 5 mins away. For a family of four, staying in Ocho rios and wanting the participate in the Canopy package this will cost approximately $981.20 U.S., including the Dunn’s River Falls Tour, Transportation to and from your hotel, 2 adults and two children between the ages of 5 years old and 12 years old.

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