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Port Royal

Once you are in the mode for rich history, Port Royal, once known as The Wickedest City in Christendom, is the place to experience that. Located at the end of Palisades in the Kingston Harbour, which is the seventh largest natural Harbour in the world. Rich with ghost stories form the earthquake that took the lives of the Buccaneers and others that lived there in 1692.

Back in the 1600’s the English Government tolerated the presence of the Pirates as long as they were pillaging foreign ships, this of course made Port Royal one of The richest cities in that era. Port Royal’s Archaeological Museum now is furnished with artifacts from that time; this museum was once the headquarters for the British Royal Navy in the Caribbean.

There were several attempts to rebuild the city but was met with further disasters,finally the 1703 fire destroyed what remained.

The museum is closed on weekends and opens from 10 am to 5pm on weekdays. You can find scaled model ships, an intricate recreation of Horatio Nelson’s private quarters and a vast array of memorabilia. Today what stands in Port Royal is Morgan’s Harbour a sidewalk restaurant and sea side hotel, named after the infamous Pirate Henry Morgan.

The Giddy House is also a part of the attraction a building in Port Royal that is partly sunken from the airport, gives one an odd feeling once you enter as it give the illusion that you are about to fall over.

You can find Port Royal, like most other attractions in Jamaica, healthily patronized by locals on public holidays. Most Jamaican children can tell you their stories of their experience from visiting Port Royal and hearing about the earth quake, Henry Morgan and the Buccaneers. This rich history is also taught in schools today.

Port Royal houses a rich culture of Jamaica’s lineage and serves to impact where we are going by accurately recording where we have been. The guided tour of this attraction will have you visiting Fort Rupert Plaque, the old Naval Hospital, Old Gaol, St. Peters Anglican Church, the Monument just to name a few.

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