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Martha Brae Rafting

Hundreds of years ago an Arawak Witch was said to live on the banks of the Martha Brae River and held the directions to an Arawakan golden treasure. Legend has it that the Spanish soldiers heard of the Arawak gold and forced the young witch, by way of torture into taking them to it. Being a smart woman she pretended to take them to this treasure, however she lead them into a cave and disappeared, needlessness to say the Spanish soldiers never made it out alive, as she called upon her powers to change the course of the river which took her life and the lives of the soldiers. It is believed today that she still haunts the Martha Brae River.

The Tour on the Martha Brae starts off with a glass of ice cold fruit punch, after you have been shuttled from your designated hotel, or get their on your own means, a best practice for this tour is to dress comfortably and take along a disposable camera, to avoid any damage or loss to priceless items. The tour lasts from anywhere between 60 minutes to 90 minutes giving you ample opportunity take may photographs and create memories with your family.

Before the rafting starts it is advised that you go and take a look at Miss Martha’s Herb garden that has a wonderful array of Jamaicans famous herbs used worldwide for their different healing properties. Rafters’ village where you will embark offers a recreational area for picnic, a bar, souvenir shops, restroom facilities and a swimming pool.

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