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Ricks Cafe

The highest cliff is about 35 feet.  You will also catch some very skilled locals making risky and daring dives from as far as the tops of trees on the actual cliff – you have to see this for yourself and I promise you will be in awe.

This venue is appropriate for people of all ages – many children end up jumping the cliffs as well and have a great time doing it.

Once you enter the café you can walk down the rocky steps and take the stairs into the incredibly blue water. Or you may choose to jump from one of the 5 jump off points.

I believe what makes this trip a fantastic one is that you don’t actually have to jump the cliffs yourself to feel the adrenaline.  As you watch other vacationers take the plunge you too feel the excitement and experience the thrill.

If you do decide to take the big leap into the water the journey down may feel a bit long.  You are pretty high up so once you hit water you will feel a slight sting, but that won’t even matter once you realize how awesome the entire experience is.

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