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Rio Grande Rafting

The most interesting thing about Rio Grande is that it is actually fed by the torrential rains from the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountains. Local tour guides make their rafts out of Bamboo, which is estimated to grow more than 20 inches per day. Rafting on the Rio Grand originally started as a means of transport, until Errol Flynn a local, who lived in Port Antonio started doing it for fun.

Rafting is very much a family event as it is safe and calm enough for every member of your family. Opening from 9am – 4pm daily and most times extended on Jamaica’s public holidays. It is suggested that you start your tour really early about half an hour after opening, this is due to the forest ecology of Portland which makes it rain daily like clockwork. This may ruin your day if you’re plans depends on having a sunny day.

On the tour there is a mid-trip stop where you can purchase refreshments but you are also encouraged to take your own for comfort. There will be several vendors along the river bank for ease of access to goods and memorabilia.

There are other rafting offered in different parishes but Rio Grande was the first to start and as such has gained notoriety . Each raft can carry up to two persons, a child and the Boatman. Due to safety it is suggested that you book the Rafting on the Rio Grand tour through a recognized travel or tour agency even though the option to rent the services of a boatman is always an option.

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