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Rose Hall Great House

This unique great house not only commands a great view but has a reputation right out of a horror movies, the preverbal haunted house, built in the 1700’s was former sugar plantation which stands aloft overlooking the ocean.

This great house gained notoriety after “Annie Palmer” was characterized as the “White Witch of Rose Hall”. This property however was renowned for its beauty by the writer James Hawekill, in his writings of that time.

Engravings were also made to preserve the magnificence of the plantation house The story is said to begin in Haiti where the nanny of young Annie was a voodoo priestess, who taught her the arts of black magic. As was customary at the time Annie soon wed and moved across the ocean to Jamaica where she settled on the plantation. This plantation had sugar, other mixed crops and livestock on about 600 acres of land.

She soon became a widow who now was in control of all that lands and slaves. She was said to be only 5’2″ in height, but commanded great respect or was extremely feared. It is said that she was extremely cruel to her slaves who knew she was into the dark arts; this only made her more terrifying. After marrying two more times, only to have all her husbands die prematurely. She was duly characterized as a witch, with all this ripe in the air she was eventually killed by her own slaves.

She is said to be buried on the property today, the building was extensively refurbished in the 1960’s by its current owners, now offers a tour which takes you on a journey. Through the gates with white washed walls, it’s quite intimidating at first but absolutely breath taking once you settle down. The guided tour takes you through the house and around the grounds. Some say they can still see her little shadow wondering her “house”. After the tour there is a pub and gift shop present on property, stay for an evening drink if, you dare. It is a known fact that nobody ventures unto the property after 6pm each day. During the tour the guide will even dare you to gaze into her mirror which is said she used to perform her elicit voodoo spells.

Having your face caressed by the ocean breeze is one of the most memorable part of this tour if you can get your mind off Annie. Overlooking a great panoramic view of the sea, the grounds are often the venue for dinners, wedding receptions and so on. It is important to note however that the claims have never been officially substantiated but from where I stood I would say, she is real.

Finding the right fit for your destination adventure is important, The Rose Hall Great House is one such location. Nestled 15 minutes from Montego Bay, along the path of a major thoroughfare finding your way to this unique attraction is what life’s little questions require

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