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Trelawny Safari

Most persons would be familiar with the James Bond Movie “Live and Let Die” that to this day has not ended its production. The founder of the now Swamp Safari Ross Kananga was said to be the brain behind the infamous crocodile jumping seen that James Bond performed in the movie. There is even a little area designated last James Bonds Island at this attraction, which possess as the opportunity to be a part of legendary history. It is a must to hang on to the sign and pretend to be eaten by the fake crocodile prop in the photo area, ensure to make it look as real as possible.

Ross Kananaga came to Jamaica in the 1960’s seeking wild adventure to feed his need for animals and his love for them, he then eventually started Swamp Safari in the parish of Trelwny. Patrons frequented the location in the days to see him playfully wrestle crocodiles and play with lions and tiger cubs that treat him as a part of their pack.

Now home to over 30 species of endangered American Crocodile, the endangered Jamaican Boa Constrictor or the Yellow Snake and the Jamaican Coney which for years persons thought were extinct.

This tour is defiantly for the animal lover as this is an opportunity to have direct contact with some of the species, indigenous to our little island, and with every animal dwelling your guide will give you a detailed story of the history of the animal, their names and even happenings over the years with them. This is especially good for the children who will not, in normal everyday life, be able to experience the close contact with most of these animals, or be able to see the many difference species that are located at Swamp Safari.

Swamp Safari is frequently visited by local schools that take this opportunity for an excursion learning experience for the young Jamaican minds

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